A Time To Claim Our Golden Wings

At this auspicious hour when Venus is about to make her transit across the sun, we lift the collective heart and spirit in prayerful awe. I have just arrived in Perth, Australia- the magnificent city of light where the Aboriginal songlines live and connect prana back to its deep origins in cosmic history. I am about to sit with the Venerable Bob Randall, a great aboriginal wisdom keeper. This auspicious moment in our earth’s cosmic history reminds me of our human-ness, flaws, and defects. And the good fortune we have with each day, to bring love to the fore, and heal! I savor this moment in memory, to  remember that I bring my reality to bear at all times, and that each and every measure given has made me a stronger person, a humbler person, a kinder being. Today in the light of the Love Venus and my Beloved Sun, I celebrate the enormity of Love granted me as I meld mind, heart and prana within the simple ancient soul of shamans and shamanesses from across the world. We unite in ceremony to create the inner space of peace for all. This day of 6th June has been chosen as it marks the rare and sacred transit of Venus across the sun. As we foster a vision for a new earth with peace and love as the foundation, it will be amplified many times by this astrological event. This global ceremony is initiated by Credo Vasamazulu Mutwa/Sangoma High Shaman of Africa. As we come together in community, we will be weaving a web with our brothers and sisters in distant lands to anchor the vibration of hope and peace into the planet.

The time is long overdue to set a course toward a present that is worthy of humanity’s purpose on this earth. We are at the focal point in universal time when the birth for individual awareness and reformation of the collective consciousness is transpiring. We are literally being lifted up and transported into the Golden Age. This is a time when collective consciousness seeks to reign entirely. As we forge forward, we find a deeper purpose filled with inspiration, collaboration, authenticity, and the empowerment of all cultures, genders and ancestries. Rooted out of the boxed-in mentality, and being forced out of the enclosures we inhabit, we are discovering an awakening to spirit, to the wide open space of the skies; brilliant lights and a solid earth with her flowing waters. We are unearthing  a time to serve dharma, the good within each of us and the greater good for all. In this rarified universal cycle of time we have the Golden Opportunity to claim a powerful paradigm shift in the way we think, act and function. Obviously, the time is now to claim our Golden Wings.

According to the Rishis of the great Hindu tradition we are smack center in the advent of the universe’s rebirth. As we enter the Summer Solstice, half way along this historic year of 2012, we see that the fear-based forecast of “Doomsday” and “End of World” scenarios are erroneous. This is, however, a bare-bones time: one that demands both our individual and collective stoicism. At a cosmic level, here is what is happening.  We are living through a cosmic purgation, the likes of which no-one has witnessed since the end of the last cycle of life in the universe, approximately 3,893,111 years ago. And after this humungous birthing pain subsides, we will experience a cosmically historic juncture brimming with potential for mass consciousness: That is, for the populations who survives on Earth to awaken this paradigm shift. The human psyche and anatomy are in the process of being rethreaded to access their ultimate mode of function in consciousness. This reformatting begins within each of us in the way we individually respond to the use of mind, intelligence, intuition and memory. It ends with Mother Earth’s Shakti! And how we collectively respond in kind to her abundant nature, phenomenal nourishment, and unconditional love is the degree to which we thrive in enlightenment.

A call to awareness: From this massive transition into greater consciousness, no-one is exempt! It is not fear but understanding that we require to cross over. As we embark into the Golden Age, our minds and hearts are being naturally retooled with sentiency necessary to meet the cosmic requirements of a new emerging reality. In fact, at the energetic level, there is little we need do to merge with the flowing current of awareness. However, at the physiological and psychic level, we have got massive boulders to move, challenges to cut through, the inner work to be done! In part, due to the inheritance of past karmas and ancestral memories, we have concretized inured patterns, habits, needs and desires. To rise to the demand of this epoch, we have got to be prepared to dismantle these patterns; thin out of the encasements of body, mind, will and ego. We do so by becoming more attentive to our inner processes, needs and states of being. To do the imperative inner work, we recognize collectively that we have not been aware of our awareness for a long time. Now is the time to reclaim awareness by being present in and with ourselves. Here is what I do to center my intelligence. I take necessary pauses a few times daily, I feel my breath, and connect with the visceral strains of my emotions, and feelings and accept them for  what they are. I feel the pulsation of bio-rhythms within. The best service we can render to self, is to consciously pace yourself and avoid overdriven goals and challenging schedules. Spend time each day to gather yourself; know that you are creating a space of ease, within and without.  In so doing, you literally create an exit strategy that allows expired karmas to be expunged forever.

A chance for divinity: Once we muster up courage to change our habits, and the discipline it requires to do the practices, we support the assimilation of an integrative way of thinking and being. In this way, we unwittingly embrace everything. We move in harmony with our own dharma and forge forward in the cosmic sway of a new era. If you can get past being mired in the fears and fragility that come from human attachment and material loss you will be able to transcend today into the present. Tomorrow takes care of itself. Here is our Golden Chance to develop the fullness of heart and perfect humanity which come only when the divine blessing gets slackened in its inspirational movement toward the earth’s perfect divinity, the divine in you!

Since setting on the Living Ahimsa World Tour in December 2009 following my appearance at he Parliament of the World’s Religions I have visited several countries and enjoyed the great fortune of being embraced by thousands of beautiful souls and spirits. With each touch, I inherit love and see it exuding light from every pore of my being. This awesome grace of cultivating awareness extends its sheaf to all, reflecting light onto every soul, near and far. It has helped me to strip excesses, and continue to refine my being as I tread on what is prayfully the final lap to Isvara. I see that this love, borne of the light of awareness, is the only solution to transcending the painful juncture of our time. My personal commitment to peace and inner harmony is my first priority!  Each one of us has a validated passport for entry into the Golden Age. May we bring about a conscious shift in awareness in our life with the infusion of purpose and meaning.

© Copyright 2010 –  This blog is extracted from Oracle 2012 – The Golden Age, my article originally published in Hinduism Today Magazine, 2010.

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