Mar 2017

Women’s Power to Heal

Maya recently wrote an article in Ayurveda Mantra Magazine on “Women’s Power to Heal”. Read the full article by downloading this PDF of  Ayurveda Mantra Magazine or read online here: Ayurveda Mantra

Dec 2016

The practice: Tranquil Posture

Lie flat on your back on a rug, yoga mat, or any surface that comfortable supports your body. Put one hand on your chest and the other at the bottom of your rib cage just above the belly. Inhale into your belly feeling it...

Nov 2016

There is Hope! The Hidden Gem behind the US Election

As I contemplated the outcome of the US Election, moving beyond shock, a voice of wisdom stepped in to remind me that everything happens for a reason. Albeit, we may not see the logic of any occurrence right away, be comforted to know that...

Jun 2016

The Healing Power of Breath

The Vedas tell us that life is defined not by the number of years a person is alive on the earth but by the number of breaths each soul is given for its journey. When we expend our ration of breaths, our journey ends....

Dec 2015

New Year 2016 Message from Maya

  Download Greeting Card Blessed One, Namaste. As we near the end of another fast moving year, I send many blessings, and wishes for a healthful and happy New Year. The past three years have been a humdinger for most of humanity. As the...

Mar 2015

Welcome Spring! A time for renewal, growth and grace

This year been a humdinger for me. Manifold layers of challenging situations, events, and emotions have left me feeling raw. I know that this vulnerable state heralds a transformation of my pure nature, and is a gift so sublime that I can hardly believe...

Oct 2014

Remembering Gandhi: Ahimsa – The Way of Peace

September 11th, 2001, is the unforgettable day in history. Precisely 95 years prior, Mahatma Gandhi launched the modern nonviolent resistance movement, which he called Satyagraha. The date was September 11th, 1906. Gandhi addressed an audience of 3,000 Indians at a theater in Johannesburg where...

Sep 2014

The Importance of Honoring Your Ancestors

Honoring your ancestors is the first step in reclaiming your spiritual heritage.  As you begin to recover your ancestral memories, you will also uncover unconscious, troubled memories that prevent you from knowing the truth of who you are.  According to the Vedic sages, we...

Aug 2014

The Peace Seeds

Awaken your Memory to Nurturance and Peace I have just completed the Living Ahimsa Peace Tour in Canada: Bountiful experiences witnessed and shared.  Amongst them, is the awakened heart and outpouring of joy from each and every participant contributed the peace seeds onto the...

Jun 2014

Mother Earth’s Sacrifice

As I journey around the globe on my Living Ahimsa-The Power of Peace tour, I have been peppered a zillion times by vegans and meat-eaters alike with the same questions.  Among these queries is a critical one: “By harvesting and eating a plant, aren’t...

Apr 2014

Nourish Peace

Each one of us has the power to shift global consciousness into the mind of peace.  To achieve a mind of peace we must understand healing as a perennial process, the ever-generating energy of being Whole. Wholeness is not a state of being free...

Apr 2014

Ayurveda’s Healing Secret Revealed

“We are not tired, overworked, ill and lonely because we do too much; we are weary because so much of what we do runs counter to the rhythms of nature.” Maya Tiwari What is true and essential is, by its very nature, accessible to...

Aug 2013

The Ethical Law of Loving Ancestors- Loving Self

We are forever connected to the memory and cellular intelligence of our ancestors. Honoring the Ancestors unearths past traumas and hurt carried through family lines. Many people go through life carrying their ancestor’s burdens on their back without realizing it. We recognize ancestral traumas prevent...

Feb 2013

The Act of Renunciation to Freedom

Namaste Blessed Self, I love my tradition of Hinduism and honor Veda Vyasa, the familial lineage to which I was born. I was privileged to receive Diksha in February 1998, standing on the banks of the sacred River Ganges at my Guru’s ashram in...

Sep 2012

The “Ness” Of Oneness

Today I arrived at my 60th milestone on this earth, my birthday. The day dawned gently. Wrapped in dawn’s pink light she waxed serenely in the ionic energy of the Atlantic sea. The hum of traffic on a nearby busy local highway emulates the...

Sep 2012

A Time To Claim Our Golden Wings

At this auspicious hour when Venus is about to make her transit across the sun, we lift the collective heart and spirit in prayerful awe. I have just arrived in Perth, Australia- the magnificent city of light where the Aboriginal songlines live and connect...

Sep 2012

Nameness ~ What’s In A Name?

A name is a mantra, the spoken word, a cosmic sound – by far the most uttered sound we hear throughout our lives. Whether we are given an appropriate name in accord with our astrological birth time, as we do in the Hindu Tradition,...

Sep 2012

Is God Stupid?

We pray for prosperity, for love and happiness, for peace, health and wellness. We ask God to provide us with a host of things. As soon as we encounter an obstacle, or experience pain, or anguish we implore, beg, weep, and plead for Divine...

Sep 2012

Eating To Nourish Love

Thousands of years ago the Hindu seers taught that what grows on the earth—plant and mineral life—is annam, is the perfect and only food suitable for nourishing the human body. In my tradition we choose vegetarian lifestyles in order to live a life of...

Sep 2012

Living Ahimsa Community

TAKE BACK THE WORLD! Your Ahimsa Vow is essential to Humanity’s Harmony, Health & Hope Living ahimsa teaches us to reinforce the indelible bonds that bind us together as a human family- love, enlightenment, humor, and kindness. Living Ahimsa is humanity’s work – a...

Sep 2012

The Creation of Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala

The 108th Living Ahimsa Mandala was created at the Parliament of the World’s Religions on December 7th, 2009 by participants who were guided by Maya Tiwari and the Hindu Monks of Kauai. The Creation of the Peace Mandala is an awe-inspiring event that brings...

Apr 2007

Ahimsa & Food: Hand-Made Food

Ahimsa & Food: Hand-Made Food

By Maya Tiwari   Karuna was a twelve-year-old girl who developed an aversion to food. Her parents tried all kinds of therapies but could not get Karuna to eat, and she was wasting away. In desperation, her mother attended my food sadhana workshop and...

Mar 2007

 Ahimsa: Harmony with Nature

 Ahimsa: Harmony with Nature

By Maya Tiwari   Ultimately, we women are divinely equipped to rediscover the Mother Consciousness by cooperating with one another and applying our shared vision of harmony to shatter the harmful rhythms that run counter to the maternally peaceful life ways. Health, harmony, joy,...

Mar 2007

Ahimsa & Food

Ahimsa & Food

Honoring Mother Earth through Organic Food By Maya Tiwari May the universe never abuse food. Breath is food. The body eats foods The body rests on breath. Breath rests on the body. Food is resting on food. The one who knows this becomes rich...

Oct 2005

Ahimsa & Our Ancestors

Ahimsa & Our Ancestors

By Maya Tiwari As we approach the season of the ancestors ~ we are apt to discover the perfect junction to take pause and to remember memories we have locked up within us for lifetimes. Through the practice of ahimsa, we can begin to...

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