Sarita-Linda Rocco

Sarita’s spiritual study began at the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in 1996.  She has been personally trained by Maya Tiwari as a Master Teacher/Sadhaka Adept.

Sarita trains Wise Earth Ayurveda practitioners, and is a master mentor for Wise Earth Ayurveda Online courses.  She works closely with her husband, Dhira-Michael Rocco to present Practitioner Training courses  in the original gurukula-style of Wise Earth Ayurveda.


Sarita devotes her life to the practice, study and application of Yoga and Ayurveda.  She is a successful yoga professional-entrepreneur who has owned three Yoga studios in the past 22 years. Sarita expanded her Ayurveda studies in the past seven years to include SVA Health courses and clinical Ayurveda experience with Vaidya RK Mishra.

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