Nameness ~ What’s In A Name?

A name is a mantra, the spoken word, a cosmic sound – by far the most uttered sound we hear throughout our lives. Whether we are given an appropriate name in accord with our astrological birth time, as we do in the Hindu Tradition, or it is picked with great care by parents a name is usually given with love. My name is Maya, for most of my life I have been called by this name. Our birth names are significant for each journey. I respect the love of my parents that accompanied this bequeathal. But I am not attached to it. I have had a prized and rich journey through this name and it bears a lovely sound when it is  properly enunciated.  It has a profound meaning: In Sanskrit, “Maya” is the Shakti of manifestation,  she is both cause and effect. This name is often erroneously translated as “illusion”. Later on, as I took to spiritual vows I was given another awesome name, Mayatitananda, meaning that which goes beyond the beyond of Maya, that which is called, Isvara.

Two years ago, as the circumstances of my life endured yet another major transition, I found myself naturally resuming the use of my birth name.  In brief, shortly before commencing the Living Ahimsa World Tour, I was poisoned by a misguided family through a hate crime. As often occurred in my life, the divine healer quickly appeared. That remedy that ensued arrived in the form of a soul mate whose stoic nobility and unconditional outreach of love helped me to rapidly heal. And as my life is always continually unfolding in Isvara’s Grace, I embrace all expressions of my karma. Apparently, the karma of “Maya” had expressions left to be fulfilled, and completed. Since having dropped the spiritual names and titles, “Brahmacharini, and Swami” these honorable monikers which were handed to me by my Divine Satguru, I have been reveling in the awesome depth and lightness of spirit.  This humbling fills me with light, and shows me that all names are simply forms of love. They ferry the profound divinity of the Guru’s Grace that unconditionally blesses me at all times.

Regardless of what I am called, the soul of whom I am does not change, the essence of my growth continues to rise in consciousness. It is this growth that I choose as I keep thinning out adjuncts from within, clearing out the unnecessary that occupies the inner space and dissipates energy. In this journey, my only sankalpa is to be true to Self as I move in absolute freedom of Self, Svabhava.  The fact is that we are who we are. In my case, love is the journey, light is the energy that moves me forward, the simpler the walk, the brighter the light. As I continue to strip away karmas – veils that cover spirit – light is exposed, the awareness that I am love becomes richer, fuller, more sublime. In this fullness, I continue to serve as mother, father, child, brother, sister, friend to all beings- a lover of all.

Albeit, as I move around with my work, this naked freedom from title, and entitlement has had some interesting effect on those around me. It appears to unnerve people, especially those with whom I am in close association or those whom themselves bear a title. The consensus, as it is shared with me, is that a title implies respect, or adoration and in not being able to use it, many find it uncomfortable. When we look back at the great Rishis, or Master of Wisdom, we find barely a name associated with them; titles came later through generations that benefited from the infallible light of the masters’ knowledge. Shiva is Shiva; Isvara is Isvara, Durga is Durga, Jesus is Jesus, Krishna is Krishna, Buddha is Buddha, Mohammed is Mohammed.

Part of letting go of “nameness” is about awakening the heart. At this very moment, everything is being changed forever. More and more we are witnessing the collapse of titles, entitlements, monikers as the largely bankrupt model of hierarchal control and patriarchal command fall apart. These worn-out approaches have lost their power for us. Simply put, in the light of this day, tags of title and monikers are appendages in the way of the Divine Love.  As the paradigm of authority and leadership rapidly changes across the global landscape, we find more structures crumbling in the dust. Simply put, there is no more room for fancy names, titles, and entitlements. There is just the One – called by one name only – Love.

The time to reclaim who we are as essential Love is now. In creating the inner space to expire our karmas we garner the courage to love. In this way, we move in harmony with the cosmic sway of a new Light. Let us, together, lighten loads, keep it simple, clean out the affairs of past years, shred the baggage of burdens, let go of regrets, empty the mind and keep heart alive!  Allow the truth of the One to live for the length of our years in eternity.

Maya Tiwari in Rotorua, New Zealand 2012

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And may you join me in taking the Prema Vrata:

I take the Vow of Love. 
I make Love my first priority. 
I take the Vow of Love in my thoughts, speech and action.

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