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Blessed One,

Namaste. As we near the end of another fast moving year, I send many blessings, and wishes for a healthful and happy New Year. The past three years have been a humdinger for most of humanity. As the universal cycle of time moves into a period of massive Consciousness, it compels us to venerate Mother Earth and progress our individual awareness. In this critical junction, most of humanity may be found in a state of regurgitation that is divinely sanctioned to dredge inured karmas to the surface. In this way, we clear old habits and fears. I’ve learnt that the faster we are able to shift our personal conditioning to accept these changes, the more effective the cleansing, and restoration of our Light energy becomes. Let us clear old ideas, and all go forward in a sprightly way with the supreme new lightness of the Goddess who is forever guiding our path and destiny, sometimes fiercely, but always with our best life at heart.

In the journey to reclaim our potent Shakti energy, we learn about Lalita Maha Tripurasundari, the central goddess of Hinduism�s Wisdom Tradition. She is the Supreme Goddess, or manifestation of Parashakti. Using her potent lunar meditations, we emulate the ebb and flow of her waxing moon as she moves from one notch to another along her eternal journey. In so doing, you beckon immutable healing forces closer to you and bring forth wellness and prosperity for you, your family and community.

The Supreme Goddess is depicted with her 15 Nityas sitting on her right knee, each representing the 15 propitious lunar days of the waxing moon. Those of you who wish the venerate The Supreme Goddess, kindly note her moon fullness on Saturday, December 6th. This is the ideal time to pay homage to Maha Lalita Tripurasundari in her full splendor. Best to practice in a serene space, in the early evening when the moon appears in the night sky.

You may also download the Shakti Healing Lunar Mantras (1 & 2) for the 15 phases of the waxing moon, at the following link

For more on my global work with the Peace Mandala, please visit:

Maya Tiwari

CEO, Living Ahimsa Foundation
Wise Earth School

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