FAQ: Wise Earth Ayurveda’s Online Education

Can you give me a few more details about your online course/s? Is it for newcomers to Ayurveda, or all levels?

Detailed information about the course format, fees and curriculum may be downloaded here.  Prior experience in Ayurveda is not essential. This online course provides a core education in Wise Earth Ayurveda. Upon completion of the coursework, the graduate will be a certified Wise Earth Ayurveda Nutritionist.

When can I enroll in the Food, Breath & Sound Course?

Enrollment is now open!

How much time each week would you expect or recommend a student to spend studying?

A student should plan to spend about 4 to 6 hours per week; or approximately 20 hours monthly.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Coursework must be completed 3 months following the end of the course.

Do I receive a Wise Earth School certification for successful completion of this course? What kind of credits will I receive?

Wise Earth School of Ayurveda Online Education A NAMA Peripheral Program

Wise Earth Ayurveda is meeting the demand for distance learning by building a dynamic Online Education Platform. The first of its Online offerings is a year-long, accredited course of study in Ayurveda Nutrition: Food, Breath & Sound program; having completed this Layperson’s Course you will receive a Wise Earth School Certificate with 500 hours (ACE ) recognized by and approved in NAMA’s Peripheral Course category. This certification grants you the title of Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Lifestyle Consultant which means you may use this education to consult privately or in a clinic, share your knowledge with your community in the field of holistic healing; serve as a community consultant and even instruct wholesome nutrition education as a Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Lifestyle Consultant. This course is a tremendous opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and that of your community, family and friends, or just to attain excellent health. You may use the NAMA approved ACE’s to add to your continuing Ayurveda education points through Wise Earth School or any NAMA approved learning institutions.

Attaining this status with Wise Earth School also gives you priority entry into Wise Earth Ayurveda Practitioner/Educator Trainings (which requires a 1000 hours of onsite training (PACE’s)- to attain the qualifications and title of a Wise Earth Ayurveda Practitioner/Educator.

*ACE (Ayurvedic Continuing Education)
*PACE (Professional Ayurvedic Continuing Education)

Follow this link for more information on Wise Earth Practitioner Training Criteria

I don’t live in Canada or the US. Can I still participate in the WEA Online courses you offer?


Does this course offer live sessions with a qualified WEA Instructor? And if so, how many sessions or hours of live instructions can I hope to receive?

This course is a comprehensive program, where the student studies from the course manual, video instruction, assignments and quizzes. There will be monthly guided group-mentoring sessions led by Wise Earth Ayurveda Instructors via phone or Skype.

Does the Wise Earth School offer on-site courses/trainings with hands-on instructions?

Definitely!  Please visit the Practitioner Training section of our website: Click here. 

What is the tuition for the online course in Food, Breath and Sound? Do you offer a payment plan?

The tuition fee for the entire course comes to $2,250.00. We are also happy to offer a 4-month payment plan of $655.00 per month for students who prefer to pay monthly.

What is your tuition refund policy in case I change my mind?

Full refund 30 days prior to course start date upon written request and is processed within 10 business days. No full or partial refunds after that.

How is the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda’s Inner Medicine education different from other Ayurveda schools and training programs?

Maya Tiwari’s life’s work is embodied in the Wise Earth School. A focus is placed on providing an education in sadhana, and restoring the empowering practice of Inner Medicine Healing. This model is proactive in the preservation of good health and wellness. Other contemporary schools of Ayurveda are largely based in clinical and prescriptive methodology.

Is there a mentorship program I can sign up for those of us who are looking to become an Ayurveda Practitioner?

WEA Master Teachers carefully trained by Maya Tiwari hold WEA Courses throughout the year in the US, Canada and UK. Please visit the Practitioner Training section of our website to view these course offerings. (Click Here) At the successful completion of any one of these courses, the graduate becomes qualified as a WEA Practitioner capable of implementing the Inner Medicine Healing methodology of WEA into everyday living as well as guiding the profound work in their community.