In 1981, Maya Tiwari began the profound work of unearthing and restoring Ayurveda’s long-lost earth-based education of sadhana that connects us to the core of our healing and wellness. This restored work serves the vast wise Earth Ayurveda curricula. At this pivotal juncture of humanity when the world is in dire need, it is critical that we reclaim the spiritual healing that is rooted in Mother Earth’s wisdom for the benefit of humanity.

Wise Earth Ayurveda education is derived from the original Atharva Veda that informs we are created from nature and bear a symbiotic relationship to the intelligence stored within her seasons, cycles, lunar and solar rhythms.The Rishis, ancient seers of the Hindu Vedic Tradition, were adept at focusing their awareness and shifting their perceptual fields. They entered elevated states to “see” truth, retrieving information directly from the cosmos revealed it for the welfare of their community. Ayurveda, the oldest paradigm of health and healing known to the world, grew out of the Rishi tradition.

The Vedic seers tell us that health and harmony are interrelated and neither can be found outside ourselves. Living in the wisdom of Ayurveda, we discover again and again that health comes alive within when we are flowing in accord with cosmic rhythms — health is a natural state of being when we are awakened to our True Self. To quote Maya Tiwari: “We are wellness. We are consciousness. Disease is an imposter.”

Wise Earth Ayurveda educational curricula is developed and copyrighted by Maya Tiwari who comes from the preeminent lineage of Vedic Sages – belonging to the Veda Vyasa tradition. These extraordinary online courses are designed by Ayurveda matriarch and World Spiritual Teacher, Maya Tiwari. She has been serving the field of holistic health, healing, and world peace for four decades.