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Mother Om Mission (MOM) is the charitable arm of Wise Earth School ~ a non-profit 501 (c) 3 humanitarian organization ~ committed to rebuilding broken communities in the spirit of wholeness since 1998. Founded on Mothers Day in 1998 by Maya Tiwari – a pioneer in the field of Inner Medicine healing and whole life education for the individual, family, and community, MOM has been mobilizing an international sustaining health, harmony and wellness force for the past 16 years. MOM has successfully established several working models in the Caribbean, Latino, African and Asian communities in New York.

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Inspiring community members to take leadership roles within this process, MOM’s pioneering and highly preventative education and holistic health services in Inner Medicine Healing has helped thousands of community members to heal in inner cities of New York, and Guyana SA. MOM’s radical approach to health and wellness transforms disease and despair into wholeness and love. Its services are offered free of charge by trained Wise Earth Ayurveda sadhakas/volunteers.

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MOM’s Mission

  • MOM’s goal is to offer free holistic health care education to every at-risk community in the world
  • MOM’s goal is to cultivate the seed for health and inner harmony in every human being on Earth
  • MOM brings its unique inner medicine healing model through Holistic Health education to at-risk communities
  • MOM serves people of all cultural, and spiritual backgrounds, with emphasis on preservation of diverse cultures
  • MOM empowers community members – one at a time – with the education and tools needed to reclaim self-awareness
  • MOM brings the most powerful education for community well being to the poorest communities on Earth
  • MOM strives to examine and restore all aspects of community life: cultural, social, economic, and spiritual
  • MOM teaches the individual person how to transform violence, poverty, and disease into nurturance, harmony, and health

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