Maya Tiwari’s work for Wise Earth Ayurveda in restoring sadhana education of Inner Medicine Healing, is a unique learning model that informs you have the power to heal. This model is proactive in the preservation of Good Health and Wellness.  Contemporary schools in Ayurveda are largely based in clinical and prescriptive methodology.

Like the original vaidyas – Atharvanas – Mother Maya Tiwari lays the foundation of sadhana in Wise Earth Ayurveda education for cultivating inner awareness by reclaiming our connection to nature’s ways. Wise Earth Ayurveda establishes the ancient wisdom and ways of cyclical rhythms – daily, seasonal, lunar, and solar. In these profound studies we learn to awaken the memory and intelligence for absolute self-healing and profound peace. According to the Atharva Veda, Ayurveda’s timeless education of sadhana is the most effective spiritual path to awaken consciousness and enhance our inner medicine potential for self healing.

Wise Earth sadhana informs that Food, Breath & Sound are the three nourishers of nature. Through them we live in peaceful accord with nature and discover the true Self. It is one of the most significant practices for self healing and spiritual growth.

Cardinal Principles of Wise Earth Sadhana:

  • Wholeness: Realizing the true Self to be one with nature
  • Simplicity: Practicing humility through surrender to nature’s intelligence
  • Ahimsa: Harmony: Committing to inner harmony
  • Memory: Restoring cosmic, cognitive, and ancestral memory
  • Rhythm: Honoring nature’s nourishers: Food, Breath & Sound
  • Sadhana – Sacred Practice: Aligning every activity in accord with nature’s rhythms
  • Consciousness: Cultivating inner awareness and knowingness