Darshana by Mother Maya: Vedic Chanting for Daily Practice (MP3 Download) $20


MP3 format with 16 page eBooklet (PDF)
Producer: Mother Om Sounds (2004)

Vedic Chanting for Daily Practice
By Maya Tiwari

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Track Listings

  1. Om Srigurubhyo namah

  2. Prayer of gratitude to Brahman

  3. Peace Invocation

  4. Prayer for Self-Cognition

  5. Prayer for Victory over Death

  6. Prayer to Lord Ganesh

  7. Prayer before Studies

  8. Prayer to Remembrance of our Divinity

  9. Prayer in Praise of Goddess Lakshmi

  10. Prayer in Praise of Lord Vishnu

  11. Prayer for Light and Prosperity

  12. Prayer in praise of the Sun

  13. Prayer for Peace and Inner Harmony

  14. Prayer for Self-Clarity and Self-Knowledge

  15. Mantra for Cleaning the Mind

  16. Prayer to the Divine Mother

  17. Prayer to the Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra

  18. Invocation to Lord Ganesha

  19. Praise of the Guru

  20. Prayer to Bless the Hands

  21. Prayer before sleeping

  22. Sonnet in Praise of Lord Shiva