Vedic Chanting for Daily Practice

by Maya Tiwari

Producer: Mother Om Sounds (2004)
MP3 format with 16 page eBooklet (PDF)

Soft CD Jacket with 16 page booklet
Product Dimensions: 5 x 5.5 x .25 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 ounce

UPC : 8 25346 34422 5

“A perfectly brilliant learning CD for the powerful Vedic chants; Sanskrit mantras made simple by the one and only Maya Tiwari”

Kamala Asher, Educator, Berkeley University

Darshana, a compilation of Vedic chants for daily practice, will help cultivate inner strength and healing through restoring and releasing your magnificent primordial sound.

Her Holiness, Sri Svamini Mayatitananda (Mother Maya) is a compassionate spiritual Mother who has helped thousands of people to heal from despair and devastating diseases. Mother Maya is a pre-eminent Vedic monk and a world-renowned pioneer of inner medicine healing. Belonging to India s ancient and erudite Vedic lineage Veda Vyasa Mother Maya’s spiritual teacher is His Holiness, Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

Mother Maya delivers the Darshana chants and their melodies with the precision of Vedic authority that transforms sound into a powerful instrument of healing. Darshana, a Sanskrit word that means vision, is an act of seeing that comes through the inner vision of a holy person. Mother Maya’s darshana and wondrous sound will awaken your own inner rhythm and vibrations for healing.

The CD comes with a booklet in its jacket, which lists the Vedic chants in their original Sanskrit language. Each chant is then followed by its English transliteration as well as translation. Darshana thus provides Mother Maya’s voice with accompanying visual tools to successfully and quickly master these powerful healing chants. Darshana makes for a wholesome system for profound Sound Healing.

Track Listing

1. Om Srigurubhyo namah
2. Prayer of gratitude to Brahman
3. Peace Invocation
4. Prayer for Self-Cognition
5. Prayer for Victory over Death
6. Prayer to Lord Ganesh
7. Prayer before Studies
8. Prayer to Remembrance of our Divinity
9. Prayer in Praise of Goddess Lakshmi
10. Prayer in Praise of Lord Vishnu
11. Prayer for Light and Prosperity
12. Prayer in praise of the Sun
13. Prayer for Peace and Inner Harmony
14. Prayer for Self-Clarity and Self-Knowledge
15. Mantra for Cleaning the Mind
16. Prayer to the Divine Mother
17. Prayer to the Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra
18. Invocation to Lord Ganesha
19. Praise of the Guru
20. Prayer to Bless the Hands
21. Prayer before sleeping
22. Sonnet in Praise of Lord Shiva