Nourishing Love & Life

by Maya Tiwari

Publisher: Mother Om Media (03.20.2011)

Paperback, 424 pages
Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches, spine: .842 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.616 pounds

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-9793279-2-6

Living Ahimsa Diet: Nourishing Love & Life is the extraordinary sequel to Maya Tiwari’s best-selling Ayurveda: A Life of Balance, which has been flying off bookshelves for more than a decade now.

Grounded in ancient Vedic principles, it is the first “food” book that sheds light on how we can cultivate ahimsa (non-hurting) by eating, living, and loving in harmony with Mother Nature and her seasonal rhythms.

Pulling from her remarkable life, Maya Tiwari-known fondly the world over as Maya Tiwari-teaches us to undo hurt and the violence of disease, and heal ourselves with warm practices and a loving mind. By revering Nature and experiencing her splendid rhythms, Maya Tiwari demonstrates how we reclaim our divine gift of love, inner harmony, and abundance of spirit. This exciting guidebook teaches you about your intrinsic rhythm and unique memory; and how you can cultivate optimum health without devoting a huge amount of time worrying about food and health. By working with your unique metabolic constitution and the healing rhythms of Mother Nature, you will develop the skills to convert personal karma into awareness; challenges into success; and lessons into knowledge.

Living Ahimsa Diet: Nourishing Love & Life is laden with wholesome seasonal practices, recipes, and guidelines for the whole family to live in harmony and love, without fear in the feast and fast, or thick and thin of life. Following these guidelines, you’re bound to recover your joy in preparing, sharing, and imbibing your meals with whole-hearted ease. Learning to eat and live in blissful harmony with daily, seasonal, solar, and lunar cycles will reconnect you to your true nature of fullness.

Find harmony and joy through the essential lessons on living presented within these pages: 

  • There is a time to fast and a time to feast,
  • A time for love, and a time for sobriety,
  • A time for celebration and a time for cleansing,
  • A time for nurturance and a time for austerity, and
  • A time to rest, meditate, play, and work.

“I picked up Living Ahimsa Diet and got total body chills of recognition. This book is filled with beauty and truth that nourishes at our deepest levels. Savor it!”

Christiane Northrup, MD, ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Mother Maya has written an inspirational text for all. Whether you are a novice to the yogic path or a practitioner of many years, this book is a refreshing compilation of the essential principles needed for living in balance with the earth and with the Divine.  Mother Maya has crafted an accessible reader comprising the time-tested truths of the Vedic principles. This book is highly recommended for charting or supplementing one’s path toward total well-being in the 21st century. Supplemented with factual accounts based on scientific research, Living Ahimsa Diet: Nourishing Love & Life will be bring benefit to all seekers.”

Dena Merriam, Founder & Convener, The Global Peace Initiative of Women

“This book is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature that maps out routes to healthier, less savage modes of living that promote kinship with all life. Offering a powerful rebuttal to the voices that condone “business as usual,” Living Ahimsa Diet provides effective, practical advice to anyone who seeks a rich, peaceful, truly satisfying existence.”

Robert Svoboda, Ayurveda Expert and Best-selling Author

“In today’s ‘Have it your way’ world where foods are no longer confined by season, place, or nature, Mother Maya’s new book Living Ahimsa Diet offers the wisdom of the Ancient Hindus on how we can eat and live not only for inner wellness, but the earth’s wellness. And like a good mom, Mother Maya serves only the truth, but always on a platter of kindness and compassion.”

Suhag Shukla, Esq., Hindu American Foundation


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