Mother Maya’s upcoming CD~ “Sri Maha Ganapati!”

Posted by Mother Maya on Sunday, July 16, 2017

All proceeds go to Mother Om Charitable Foundation ~

Sri Maha Ganapati CD
(downloadable MP3 format)
Maya Tiwari (Mother Maya)
Single Chant Duration: 11:11

$2.99 USD


Maya Tiwari’s latest release, Sri Maha Ganapati, is a musical exploration based on popular Vedic Sanskrit chants in veneration of the Exquisite Ganesha.

The elephant-headed Deity, son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is also called Ganapati – the One who is followed by celestial attendants and countless followers. He is the Great Lord who removes emotional debris and karmic obstacles from our path. He symbolizes wisdom and the cosmic operation of the human mind.

The ancient chants and powerful vibratory tempo
of this piece help us to awaken the supreme
consciousness which manifests in our heart.
Ganapati is the cosmic force that compels the
proper working of our complex cognitive
operations and inspires conscious evolution.


O Ganapati! We are invoking you, the Leader of the Ganas,
(celestial attendants and followers), the Wisest of the wise,
Illustrious One, Supreme King of consciousness,
the Source of our speech, the Protector of the mantras.
Protect us by sitting here!