Welcome Spring! A time for renewal, growth and grace


This year been a humdinger for me. Manifold layers of challenging situations, events, and emotions have left me feeling raw. I know that this vulnerable state heralds a transformation of my pure nature, and is a gift so sublime that I can hardly believe my good fortune.

First though, I have had to muster the courage to allow each layer to be peeled away, allowing my truest nature to be revealed. Our truest natures can become hidden beneath accumulated cosmic sludge, which in my case has been collected from years of arduous work and service, past memories and ancestral bearings. These peelings have left me feeling stripped naked, vulnerable like a new born doe trying to get to ground for the first time on trembling, lanky legs. At this time, I turn to Mother Nature and draw immense inspiration from the way she allows herself the rawness of a tender state. I witness the upward movement of her green sprouts as they push through the density of frozen earth.

This spring, let us embrace our mobility without fear of exposure, and allow ourselves the rawness of a tender state. For in this intensive time of accelerated consciousness, our central force for human happiness, love, and nurturance has been severely compromised, and the rawness of awakening is a universal condition. It is particularly so for the light bearers, those forging forward with the timeless truth: that light and dark are inseparable like day and night, or moon and sun, and the knowledge that all karmas are rolled into the cyclical cadence of the one consciousness that seamlessly morphs one season into the next.

As these peelings bring us into a state of heightened awareness, we can no longer remain alienated from our roots – ancestral, seasonal, geographical, and archeological. Each one of us is needed to do the inner work of Ahimsa to restore harmony and world peace. We must heal our connection to Mother Nature – the primary source for living in wellness and love, and for nourishing peace.

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