See some WEA Graduates’ testimonials:

Womb Shakti Medicine™ give us the wonderful joy of feeling connected to ourselves, to other women, to nature, and, of course, to the moon, and the means to be simply and naturally healthy. Mother Maya is very generous of her time, wisdom, and presence, and being in contact with her is a blessing. Many thanks for everything I have learnt and will always keep with me in the future.

Mélinda Caron

Moon Shakti Medicine™ is a vast lunar education weaved in a very simple way. It is remembering and honoring ancient wisdom and ancient ways, it is reclaiming our birth right to be in harmony as within and as with the universe. Wise Earth Ayurveda is a beautiful platform for women to heal, rise and shine and Mother Maya and The Wise Earth Team are generators of love, light and peace opening and holding space for us women to embody the true goddesses we are. It is pure beauty, grace and love. So much gratitude.

Virginia Jiminez

The Wise Earth School of Ayurveda and the work of Maya Tiwari has been deeply transformative in my life. Through this work I have learned many powerful and profound practices for enhancing and rebuilding my own health and wellbeing and that of my family including four children. What I most appreciate about the Wise Earth education is its practical nature, all the teachings are grounded in Sadhana – conscious spiritual practice and endeavour – so through these teachings and over many years I have found that all elements of my daily life have become imbued with the rich rewards of engaging awareness in the food I eat, the air I breath, my relationship to the earth and the animals and the beauty of mantra and sacred chant as a method of upliftment and healing. I am so grateful for these teachings and for Maya’s tireless work in bringing them to us.

Katie Manitsas, Australia Master, Teacher Wise Earth Ayurveda

Wise Earth Ayurveda has ignited a flame of passion for inner harmony and balance for myself and for the service of my community: I look forward to my continued studies in Wise Earth Ayurveda and I’m grateful to be of service to this incredible work for healing the planet!

Diane Iantorno, Canada

Wise Earth Ayurveda taught me to start with kindness towards myself, by learning how to meet my emotional needs which I’ve, in turn, shared with hundreds. Mother Maya is an infinite well of wisdom for women’s health–spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Siva Mohan, Veda Mela, USA

I have been profoundly inspired by Maya Tiwari’s work and books about Women’s healing. As I mentioned, “The Path of Practice” is on our required reading list for our 200 Hour Teacher training Program. Our lives have been profoundly touched by her work. I am deeply grateful to her.

Leigh Evans Founder & Director, Yoga Sukhavati, USA

I owe my life to Wise Earth Ayurveda practices an to Mother Maya’s amazing work: I had been diagnosed with breasT cancer and after 4 years of conventional therapies was given a prognosis that there is nothing else medical science can do for me: Wise Earth Ayurveda practices saved my life- I am eternally indebted to tis extraordinary work where each one of us takes responsibility for changing our lifestyles and habits that run counter to Mother Nature’s rhythms- Thank you Wise Earth for helping me to see the light!

Marjorie Highgrove

Wise Earth Ayurveda is the best thing that has happened for my health and happiness! I am a breast cancer survivor, and thanks to this precious sadhana practice, I have been able to repair the damages inflicted on my body through conventional medical treatments. This work is my life source for wellness. Thank you.

Ana Sylvia Santos, Brazil

We hold inner space at the Breathing Room in NJ with some of our Yoga teachers’ students. This sadhana, by far, has been such a light for us. Gratitude for all your sharing of Wise Earth Ayurveda.

Paula Tepedino, USA

In the last 14 years I have faithfully dedicated my life to WEA Sadhana as I’ve learned from Maya and at the Wise Earth School. I have lived, breathed and practiced without deviating from it as my primary work and central focus all these years.

Cary Dharani Twomey