The Act of Renunciation to Freedom

Blessed Self,
I love my tradition of Hinduism and honor Veda Vyasa, the familial lineage to which I was born. I was privileged to receive Diksha in February 1998, standing on the banks of the sacred River Ganges at my Guru’s ashram in Rishikesh. I took my Vows as a Sanyassin, a noble step in my life that brought me Isvara’s Bhavana, and my Guru’s illimitable grace. Through it, I have learned the true meaning of spiritual freedom.

While serving as a Swami in the saffron robes, I participated in interfaith conferences and presented at holistic health and wellness events around the world. Through this service, I recognized a radically simple way of thinking, being and leading that creates inner prosperity and supreme health for all. This recognition led me to a personal rubicon- an irrevocable step. I decided to renounce my saffron robes for the purpose of attaining full spiritual freedom- to walk a simpler, more accessible life in service to All. Upon receiving permission from my SatGuru, His Holiness, Pujya Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, I was blessed with a new spiritual journey in November 2010 as I shed my robes as Swami Mayatitananda Sarasvati.

I renounced the formality of the monastic path in favor of reaching out to people more directly and accessibly. My desire is to allow the Light of the Goddess’s energy to flow freely without the formality of robes, which can be intimidating to many of those I serve. You see, to serve requires only one identity: Harmony- the unconditional love we bear for each other.

I continue to advocate the work of Wise Earth Ayurveda®. I travel around the world with the Living Ahimsa World Tour, reaching thousands with the simple message that they have the full potential to be their own master. I offer sadhanas that support cultivating a life of inner peace and freedom, while fostering reverence for Self (Mother Nature).

I wish to live my remaining breaths in the Hindu tradition of Sanatana Dharma, the universal good for All- who is the One. My goal in this Janma (birth) is to realize my full spiritual freedom. My allegiance is to Isvara and my Guru. The birthright of every human is to evoke the force of awareness and self-healing. This is the intimate intent of the One.

I love my family, fellow beings, and all the people who love me. I love those who show me the face of hatred and violence. My journey continually challenges me to summon courage, strength and the forbearance to be an entirely free being- naked and noble in an untarnished Spirit. My firm allegiance remains in dharma.

Life is simple when Love is ones full identity. Awareness becomes pristine. I pray to walk within Divine Grace, empowered by the unconditional love that needs no title. I am grateful for each new day and the challenges bestowed upon me. I pray for those who celebrate my decision, as well as those who do not. I pray for universal peace and freedom.

May the glorious Bhavana of Isvara light the way for All.

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