The Creation of Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala

The 108th Living Ahimsa Mandala was created at the Parliament of the World’s Religions on December 7th, 2009 by participants who were guided by Maya Tiwari and the Hindu Monks of Kauai.

The Creation of the Peace Mandala is an awe-inspiring event that brings the community of citizens together in celebration of the One harmony, healing and love! Each Mandala is created from the bountiful food of Mother Nature’s grains and legumes and seeds, symbolic of the maternal abundance reflected in our sacred inner nature. In the creation of Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala, we offer gratitude to Mother Nature while invoking the intention to cultivate inner harmony in thought, speech and action. For this, we take the Vow of Ahimsa.

Engaging the free will of the community, the Mandala flows from the heart and emulates the rhythm of energy harvested in each community, thereby creating its own distinct shape and form. In preparation of the sacred mandala ground, Maya Tiwari blesses the sacred cloth, Mother Earth, and evokes Divine Light with ancient mantras, peace prayers. A traditional ghee-lamp is lit and placed in the center of the Mandala ground. Mother seeks the permission of Bhumi Devi (Mother Goddess Earth) before initiating the ground with the first kernels of grains. The organic grains, legumes and seeds- representing the trillions of gifts Mother Nature gives us for free each day- are transformed into the spirit of gratitude as each person moves in harmony with nature whilst placing the grain upon the cloth: from the Mother and back to her Nature, the Mandala takes the energetic shape of the person, community and ancestors, and circulates the energy that forms its own creation.

The spectacular images of the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala contained in this website are from Mother’s recent Tour in Australia. It is miraculous to see how each participant’s intent influences the creation of the Peace Mandala. We have noticed how each Mandala reflects the collective awareness of the group in terms of size, shape, colors, and essential energy of the Mandala. The pictures from the photo box, Live Glimpse – Living Ahimsa World Tour, show the totemic of the original native culture in Australia where the potent spirit of the Australian Aboriginal culture permeates the psyche of the participant who contributes to the shaping, and vibrant texture of the Living Ahimsa Mandala. The sacred intention of the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala created from organic grains is to honor the Mother Consciousness, and to cultivate the spirit of ahimsa in our thoughts, speech and action. It is is the central crest of Maya Tiwari’s Living Ahimsa work around the world that is created in free form by participants while taking the Vow of Ahimsa.

Ahimsa Peace Mandalas from around the World – A Slideshow

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