The Peace Seeds

Awaken your Memory to Nurturance and Peace

Spice mortar and holder

I have just completed the Living Ahimsa Peace Tour in Canada: Bountiful experiences witnessed and shared.  Amongst them, is the awakened heart and outpouring of joy from each and every participant contributed the peace seeds onto the Mandala, and took the Vow of Ahimsa. In touching the peace seeds with our Ahimsa intent, we invoke the seed memory and begin to remember our power to heal, nourish and nurture. The outcome is simply joy, love, peace and harmony. Whilst creating the Peace Mandala, we invoke the power of the seed, we are empower our individual memory and help each other to awaken theirs. The avowed peace seeds, enriched with the vibration of each person’s powerful intent, are placed on fertile ground of Mother Earth to seed, sprout and bloom into fruit packed with hallowed prana of the vow seeds, thereby blessing the earth to nourish all who is hungry, and in despair back to the light.   In this way, we remember the spiritual agreement we made with Mother Earth before birth- that is, to serve and nourish peace within as we restore the splendor of love.

Peace starts within. It begins with me; it begins with you. Together, we are on a symbiotic journey to cultivate harmony, reclaim love, and fulfill humanity’s destiny of the One Self. All we need to do is remember! Remember that we are the light. The massive projection of light around us comes from the collective energy we generate.  So too does the prescient degree of destruction that surrounds us. Each one of us has the power to convert darkness and destruction into light and creativity. To do so, we we must do the inner work. At every given moment, we create lightness or perpetuate the darkness. In living ahimsa, we recognize that we always have a choice, the choice to celebrate life. Take the Vow of Ahimsa, place your peace seeds onto the mandala ground of Mother Earth. Awaken your memory to fulfill our human destiny of love!
Let us celebrate life!

I take the Vow of Ahimsa
I make inner harmony my first priority
I take the Vow of Ahimsa in my thought word and action

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