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Wise Earth School of Ayurveda is the first school for Ayurveda teachings in the USA founded by Maya Tiwari. Established in 1981, Wise Earth Ayurveda® unique curricula in Inner Medicine Healing is created by Maya Tiwari who has been restoring Ayurveda’s long lost knowledge of women’s health practices as well as nature’s interrelated nourishers — Food, Breath and Sound (annavidya, pranavidya, and mantravidya).

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Are you ready to discover the primordial key to wholesome health, happiness, and harmony? Wise Earth Ayurveda: Kitchen Sadhana ( Food, Breath and Sound ) teaches you to own your inner medicine power. By restoring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, you connect to the core intelligence of Mother Nature’s nourishers with Food, Breath and Sound.

I love Mother Maya not only because she bears the Buddha’s Mother’s name, but because she is a driving force for women’s empowerment and peace. H.H, The Dalai Lama