Welcome to Wise Earth Ayurveda!

Maya Tiwari began Wise Earth Ayurveda education in 1981. Wise Earth Ayurveda was the first school for Ayurveda teachings in the USA, and with unique curricula in Inner Medicine Healling it has been restoring Ayurveda’s long lost knowledge of women’s health practices as well as nature’s interrelated nourishers — Food, Breath and Sound (annavidya, pranavidya, and mantravidya).


Connect to the core intelligence of Mother Nature’s nourishers with Food, Breath and Sound!

Wise Earth Ayurveda: Kitchen Sadhana (Food, Breath and Sound Practitioner training)
teaches you to own your inner medicine power by restoring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Are you ready to discover the primordial key to wholesome health, happiness, and harmony?

“The WEA Food Breath and Sound training is truly life changing in more ways that I could have imagined. It brought to life the sadhana ways of Ayurveda in an experiential, deep and inspiring way. Maya Tiwari shared this vast ancient wisdom in away that remind us to come home to ourselves and to the earth in simple yet profound ways throughout our days. They’ve brought me closer to myself”.

Eden Flynn, Yoga & Ayurveda Practitioner

The Rhythm of Sadhana

Routines and Rituals to balance everyday and every season according to your own body type.